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Building Managers International is an organization of Community Association Managers dedicated to improving the education and professionalism of licensed Community Association Managers in the State of Florida. BMI is the only statewide organization created and operated by and for the benefit of Florida Managers. Our National Board of Directors and the Boards of each local chapter are made up of Managers and Associates working together.

Founded in 1965 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, BMI rapidly grew to be recognized as an invaluable source of education, information and professional association by condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations throughout the State. BMI through their lobbyist, Legislative leaders and financial support brought about CAM licensing. BMI plays a pivotal role in CAM education for the renewal of licenses.



Cups of Coffee

BMI Makes The Difference.

BMI offers many opportunities for the professional Manager.

The Members of BMI come from all different areas in the State and from many different walks in life. We represent high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise buildings. We manage beachfront, lakefront, riverfront and inland communities. We have between one and sixty employees. We work for investment properties and owner occupied associations. We’ve been in this business from six months to thirty years. Some of us are independent managers, some are a part of a management team and some work for management companies. Some manage a single association, some a multitude of properties. In spite of this varied background, we have discovered that our membership does demonstrate certain qualities common to each and every member. Most importantly our commitment has always been education, networking and integrity.

Membership Information

Your membership includes Chapter dues, discounts on continuing education programs and seminars, subscriptions to the monthly Florida Community Journal and Bugle Newsletter, access to BMI employment referral service and a membership plaque.

  • Associate Primary chapter dues $150
  • Associate Collier Primary Chapter dues $200
  • Multi chapter $50 each chapter – (Collier Multi $100)
  • Associates Statewide membership $350
  • Managers dues are $150.00 annually
  • Manager Collier Chapter dues $200
  • New members are also responsible for one-time $25.00 administrative fee.
  • AMEX is not accepted.

To obtain an application please call (941) 426-1433 or send an email to nh.bminational@gmail.com

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